2. Using the main menu and login functions

2.1 Using the main (landmark) navigation menu


The main (or landmark) navigation elements appear top right on every screen in the Netsight3 system.

Different user groups will see different options displayed. Described below is the navigation menu for Jisc Customers.

2.1.1 Status menu


The Status menu option gives access to the Traffic Lights, Quick Status, and Combo Status Netsight3 views. (See the separate help pages for further help using these views).

In addition you can access the separate Jisc Network Issues web page and the @JISCMI Jisc Major Incidents Twitter page.

2.1.2 Graphing menu


The Graphing menu gives access to the My Connections view from anywhere on the site. The menu is however modal and when displaying a graph view, provides an extra option to open that graph dashboard in a new window (this feature is useful on smaller displays).


2.1.3 Account menu

Before login

From the account menu, before you have logged in you have the option to:

  1. Login to your Netsight3 account
  2. Request an account if you don't already have one
  3. Reset your password


After login

Once logged in, the options are :

  1. View your account profile details in a pop-up window
  2. Change your password
  3. Access the Issues Form page to report a problem
  4. Logout of your account


2.2 Your Netsight3 account

2.2.1 Requesting an account

You can request a Netsight3 login by clicking on the Request an Account option on the Account menu, or by going directly to the following form on the Jisc website:


2.2.2 Logging in and out of your account

You can log in to your account by using the Account menu item top right and choosing the Login option:


This takes you to the Login screen.


Fill in your credentials and click the Log in button. Once authenticated and granted access you will be taken back to the home page.



N.B. Please note that your login session is automatically expired after 24 hours.

2.2.3 Viewing your account profile details

To see your account profile details, choose the See Profile option from the Account menu. This will display your details in a pop up layer.


Please note that you cannot change any of your details apart from your password. If you details are incorrect and need to be changed please contact us at help@jisc.ac.uk.

2.2.4 Changing your password

Users who are not logged in and have forgotten their password

If you have forgotten your password and can't log in, you can reset your password using the Reset Password option from the Account menu.


Logged in user wishing to change their password

If you are already logged in you can change your password using the Change Password option on the Account menu.


Send a password reset email.

From either of the menu options above, you will be sent to a password reset screen.


If you are logged in, your email address should be pre-filled in the box. If you aren't logged in you should type in the work email address associated with your account.

Choose the Send a Reset link button and the system will then email you a one time link to allow you to change your password.


N.B. If you mistype your email address or enter an address that is not associated with an account, the form will fail silently. This is done for security reasons, so do take care to enter your address correctly.

You should receive an email shortly with a one time link to enable you to reset your password.


If you don't receive the email, check your Spam / Junk Mail folder.

Open the email and either click on the link or cut and paste it into your web browser. You should now be taken to the password reset page.


Type your new password twice taking note of the advice about the type of password required.

  • Your password can't be too similar to your other personal information.
  • Your password must contain at least 8 characters.
  • Your password can't be a commonly used password.
  • Your password can't be entirely numeric.

Then choose the Reset Password button.

If successful your will see the following screen and your password will have been reset:


We take seriously our obligation to keep any information that you share with us safe and we don't share it with any third parties. You can find out more about our Cookie and Privacy policies by choosing the buttons at the bottom of every page.


Similarly, if you wish to contact us, choose the Contact button in the footer and complete the form on the Jisc website.