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Netsight 3

  Netsight is now Netsight 3 Last updated: 25/02/2021

Netsight 3 - Re-engineering and future-proofing our Netsight portal

We are re-engineering the Netsight portal, through which your connection to the Janet Network, and any outages can be monitored. Netsight provides insight into the overall status of the Janet Network and valuable insight into the utilisation and performance of your connections. Available to all Janet Network-connected organisations, the portal has been in service in one form or another for over 12 years.

Netsight has become Netsight3, and has been re-engineered with a new traffic monitoring system, user interface and new user account management approach. The first focus of the project has been to rewrite the core code to bring the system fully under the control of Jisc.

The way you log in has changed!

Please note that previously one set of credentials were provided for each organisation. With Netsight 3 we have switched to individual user accounts tied to your work email address. Because of this change, previous Netsight credentials won't work with the new service and you will need to request a new account.

Access Netsight 3 & Request A New Account